Welcome to Western Capital Services
Western Capital Services is a financial services company specializing in ATM sales, service, and processing. Over the last 5 years we have helped countless business owners realize the dramatic profits that come with having an ATM at their location. Our strategic partnerships with banks and armored companies allow us to service businesses nationwide! Our customers range from luxury hotels to gas stations to mom and pop markets. We pride ourselves in treating all our valued customers as just that ? VALUED!

There are three basic elements of owning an ATM machine: the machine itself, cash, and processing. The machine can be bought or leased through WCS. Cash can be provided by the customer or our company. Processing is performed through us. We will also provide routine and unscheduled maintenance as well as keeping up with all federally mandated compliance requirements. In a nutshell, WCS is a full service ATM provider.
3 Options to Owning Your Own ATM Machine:
Option 1:
Merchant owns machine and supplies own cash
Benefit - most revenue to business owner, pays for service calls.
Option 2:
Merchant owns machine, we supply cash
Benefit - good revenue stream, service calls are paid by WCS.
Option 3:
Machine, Cash Supplied by WCS
Benefit - virtually no cost to business owner, all services - machine, cash for machine, servicing is included.
Option 4:
Not ready for an ATM, or looking to complement your payment options? Perhaps a Point of Sale terminal is right for you. Ask our sales staff for more details.